Salmon Buddha Bowl

Salmon goes well with cream cheese, tomatoes go well with quinoa. Toasted croutons served with cream cheese. And the whole story was placed on the leaves. What can be added? There was a little spiciness missing, and the blackberry and chili sauce is just that. Not enough sweetness – added mango sauce.


  • Lettuce mix – 200 g
  • Pink tomatoes – 200 g
  • Quinoa – 120 g
  • Cream cheese – 280 g
  • Gluten free bread – 120 g
  • Basil – 24 g
  • Parsley – 32 g
  • Salmon fillet – 200 g
  • Salt – to taste
  • Spices – to taste
  • Spinach – 60 g
  • Vegetable oil – 8 ml
  • Chili pepper – 4 g
  • Sesame paste – 48 ml
  • Blackberry – 200 g
  • Mango – 60 g
  • Sriracha – 8 ml
  • Olive oil – 12 ml


  1. Prepare salmon riet. Salt the fillet, add spices, wrap in a film and steam for 30 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees.

  2. Mix the prepared salmon with cream cheese (80 g) in a blender – whole pieces of fish should remain in the resulting mass. Transfer to a jar and refrigerate.

  3. For the green sauce, remove the seeds and white membranes from the peppers, rinse the spinach and parsley (12 g) and leave only the leaves on the greens. Punch greens, pepper, vegetable oil (8 ml) and a pinch of salt in a blender.

  4. Mango sauce: Grind mango pulp in a blender, mix in sesame paste (8 g), olive oil (12 ml), a little cold water, sriracha sauce (4 g) and basil (4 g).

  5. For blackberry sauce, grind blackberries in a blender, strain it through a fine sieve. Add sesame paste (40 g), a little olive oil, sriracha sauce (4 g), a pinch of salt and mix with a whisk.

  6. Rinse the basil and parsley leaves, cut the bread into slices and dry it on a dry grill.

  7. Mix lettuce leaves with green sauce and place in a bowl.

  8. Tomatoes, diced, put on lettuce.

  9. Shape the rieta, soft cheese and quinoa into balls with an ice cream scoop and place in the center of the bowl.

  10. Drizzle over the blackberry and mango sauces.

  11. Place the croutons near the rieta and cheese. Garnish the bowl with basil and parsley leaves.

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